Mikaelle's philosophy



We offer an array of unique furniture and objet d’art embodied with a harmonious and subtle fusion of the East and West.

Mikaelle strives to pass on the intrinsic value of inspirational works represented by legends, such as Wegner and Mogensen, into the present and future.

Mikaelle's philosophy


We have meticulously chosen the very best from around the globe to “orchestrate and deliver you with a once-in-a-lifetime encounter”.

Furthermore, we incorporate our original embroidery artworks with interior, to create an eye-catching collection of distinctive products.


Creating the ultimate space for furniture proposal



We have thoughtfully created a space for you to feel and merge with the passion of the great masters.
With ever-changing trends of enjoying and utilizing furniture, we deliver top-notch products and custom-made proposals to enrich lifestyles.
We believe “furniture” is a vital essence for providing the ultimate satisfaction.

This is a place for you to touch, feel and find a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The ultimate space for furniture proposal



How to spend your time at Salon de Mikaelle

Our doors are open for casual access. Just let us know of a convenient time and date for us to entertain your needs.

To make the most of your Mikaelle experience, please casually drop by the salon and relax interact with our furniture and collection of embroideries.

It is our pleasure to welcome all our guests to Salon de Mikaelle.

Access to Salon de Mikaelle


This salon operates with a complete reservation system.

Please feel free to contact us about your convenient date and time.

We will return to you as soon as possible.


Our Embroidery Collection



Luneville embroidery originated in the 19th century from the French town of Luneville.
A unique form of tambour embroidery was invented, leading to the addition of beads and sequins into fabrics with incredible speed and precision.
Luneville embroidery’s massive contribution to haute couture led it to become the back-bone of the fashion and luxury industries.

Mikaelle takes great pride in embellishing interior with Luneville embroidery, and not limiting its application to just fashion.

Our first product is a collaborative creation between a 160-year-old “Andon” (paper-enclosed lantern) workshop.
This unprecedented piece expresses a distinctive world, showcasing the superior virtues of both the east and west.

Our Embroidery Collection



You can enjoy our sensitively perfected embroidery’s interweaving play of light from various angles.

We continue to create and deliver unique works of art by combining the beauty of Japanese and western qualities.


Mikako Wakebayashi


Founder, President

The etymology of “MIKAELLE” derives from combining my name “Mikako” with the French word “Elle” (her) hoping to deliver a unique space and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I was born in Kyoto and have had the privilege to travel and live in countries such as the United States, Switzerland and France. I believe this has been a special odyssey to nurture and expand my worldview.
I have always taken great pleasure through playing and creating something with fabrics since my early childhood.
A moment of revelation led me to Maison Lesage in France, an embroidery studio in Paris which has been intimately linked with the history of Haute Couture since 1924.

Furthermore, serendipity led me to the exquisite charm of Scandinavian furniture and the passion to collect the works of the great masters today.
The invaluable time spent abroad has become a driving force to recognize the beauty engraved in Japanese craftsmanship, and further nurtured my motivation to combine and deliver the “best” of the both worlds.

“MIKAELLE” is the beginning to share a culmination of such unique experiences collected from various charming cultures.

Eriko Gajria


Interior designer

After having worked in the manufacturing division of a major firm and experiencing the world of advertisement and commercial design, overtime    I sensed my transition of interest from “public” to “personal”.

The major turning point in my career was attending and learning at a work-shop located in downtown Tokyo specializing in traditional Japanese joinery techniques, “Edo-sashimono”.
I was allured at rediscovering the uniqueness of traditional Japanese carpentry and the thorough attention to detail, which gave birth to an array of sophisticated woodworks created by just using hand-tools.

At this critical juncture of my life, I have had the privilege to take part in MIKAELLE’s project to create and disseminate iconic traditional Japanese art and craftsmanship.
My goal is to propose and harmonize interior layouts that correspond to the lifestyle of various nations.